Lets Discuss: Blogging & The Boyfriend



While some blogger friends argue that their boyfriends can’t take the right outfit picture, others argue that the photographing boyfriend end up living in the shadow of the blogger girlfriend.

Neither of these two arguments matches my realty – Alexander and I have been a couple and living together for one and a half year. (Read how me meet here)

Our journey of blogging and photography started very natural, both of us had an interest for photography, fashion and art. Alexander knew how to work a DSL camera, which was great for me since I have always wanted to learn to shoot with one. One thing lead to another, we started to publish our photos on Instagram, the respond was beyond our expectations so the transition felt natural.

The best thing about being a blogger is to establish a relationship with the readers, reading your comment and though. The second best thing is about my blogging journey is the fact that I am sharing it with the love of my life and best friend. Regardless is there are setbacks, challenges or successes – sharing them makes the journey so much more special. That’s my realty.

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