november 2014

Wednesday Wish List

    A little bit of Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent equals the perfect boho-rock look. And don't let me get started on The Row coat, majestic is how I would describe it. A girl can dream, right? And this is what I'm currently dreaming of, the...


When In Stockholm

Keeping things in dark shades with a little touch of neutral, and of course a coffee to go. Seams that my caffeine intake has increased over the past month. However, after hearing that there had only been one hour sun in Stockholm during the November...


Winter Pastels

  Seams like I’ve been mixing things up lately, here is another example. Wearing a mixed pastel look in the middle of November, but then again, why not? Still in love with this soft pink that I got last year, love how it brightens up the cold...


Motivational Monday

One of the most common questions I get when people ask me what I do is ‘how do you find the time?’. The answer is pretty simple, I make the time. Because I’m really passionate about what I do and have been from an early...



  I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about the ultimate leather jacket I immediately think about BLK DNM. Maybe because their leather jackets are made with excellent quality and timeless designs, which are two important factors when investing in a wardrobe staple. After a...

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