The Christmas Sweater


Growing up as a child, we never celebrated Christmas. It was a day of movies with my siblings, when we went out to play in the snow we would catch a glimpse of families gathered together.  This holiday became some what of a mystery, I’d always wondered how it would be to gather and celebrate Christmas.

Also, I always wondered what I would wear on Christmas day. A velvet or lace dress? Maybe with ruffles? Or a pleated skirt with a turtle neck knit? Yesterday, I took a trip to a few stores and found this sweater. It was calling my name. Now what to wear it with other leather pants?

This year, I got the opportunity to gather with Alex family and celebrate Christmas. Here in Sweden, Christmas is celebrated on the 24th. We had an great time, ate amazing Christmas dinner and enjoyed the company of each other.  How are you celebrating this year?  Please share, I’d love to hear from you.


Merry Christmas!



Photos by: Alexander Ocean

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  • mauro
    december 11, 2015

    Very cute!

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