december 2014

Christmas Wishes

  Todays Wednesday Wish list has nothing to do with materialistic things, this time of year brings to mind those things in life that are most important. It reminds us to focus on all the good things around us. I wanted to take the opportunity and shed...


Recap of 2014 – Part 1

    Another year is coming to an end, it is quite insane how fast time flies. Looking back at all the experiences and goals achieved in 2014, I can’t be anything but happy and proud yet also so motivated and excited for all the things to come. Since December...


Motivational Monday

  Take a moment and walk down memory lane, to a place where you stepped outside your comfort zone. Those moments tend to be milestones for most of us, they tend to change our outlook on life, where we want to go from there and from...


Best of Budget

  Weekends mean extra time for shopping, which is why I've picked out a few great budget pieces for you. Whether you are looking for a great basic piece, a festive attire, warm jacket, kicks or a cool new hat - I've had them all in...


The Bralette

  Bras may be like a best friend, but bralettes are like a kitten you can’t stop petting. When you’re looking for something with a little support and tons of comfort, these layering bras are all you need. Treat yourself something nice, or why not your...

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