Motivational Monday | Release Resistance


As the new year starts, we load up with energy and release the old from the past year. January tends to be a month filled with yearnings for spring to arrive and some may even find themselves in a energy-dip. Instead of focusing on what you need to do, lets get back to basics and talk about the art of allowing and releasing resistance.


Regardless of what negative state of mind you are in, the first step to move forward is to release resistance. At its core, resistance is nothing more than negative thoughts that trigger corresponding negative emotions. As simple as that explanation may be, overcoming the problems it can cause is a little more complex. Let’s remember that positive feelings attract more positivity whereas negative attracts negativity. In order for you to take a step further in the direction that you want your life to flow at, you need to be fin with where you are. And if you’re lacking on energy, allow it instead of finding the next way out of the current state that is lowering you. By releasing the resistance, knowing that things will turn around will make the shift you need inorder for you to start working towards the positive direction.

So just take a deep breath, and let it go. Breath it out and allow positive vibes fill you up.


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