Words of a broken heart



This is the first day I’ve been able to fire up the computer after what happen this Wednesday. its funny how your life can turn upside down in a matter of minutes, and all of sudden, nothing makes any sense.


Instead of keeping all the pain inside, i’ve decided to be transparent and honest. not because I’m looking for anyones pity, pretending is too hard and energy demanding. And I can’t afford giving any energy that I don’t have.


The beautiful thing about being open and transparent is that people has opened up their hearts and reached out from all over the world. It might not seam like a big deal for them, but it means the world for me.


Neither am I writing to share the private details about what went wrong, its irrelevant by now. The only thing that matters is for me to be able to share my experience and vent my feelings. After all, everyone at some point in their life is going to experience  it. And, you know what? Its probably one of the most painful a person has to go through. It feels like your heart is getting shredded into million pieces, cut up and thrown into trashes. Getting heart broken makes your heart hur physically. You cry and you wish it wasn’t  this. You wish it was a temporary nightmare. Waking up each morning facing that its reality, and that all you can do is to accept it. With the paint all, all you can do is to sit in the pain, the anger, the sorrow and despair.


Life hits you hard at times, and all of a sudden, you will never be the person you were. You start to see things from a different way, whether its good or bad you will never be the person you once was. That person is gone, together with the loss of the person whom have caused the heart break.


Its a devine dispare, that crakes you up and forces you to face feeling you’ve never felt. There is no point in forcing things, this is just one of those situations that need to take its time. The future will come regardless, but for now its important to focus on what is and to heal the broken heart.


I don’t mean to condemn anyone, or anything. I know for a certain that everything happens for a reason. People will come and go, some stay longer while other are just passing by but all of them carry a lesson for you to be learnt. Surely, when the emotional storm is over things will become more clear as well as the lesson in this person.


Until then, I’m taking a day at the time. Appreciating the love that is being sent from all over the love, the good vibes that encourages to take one step infront of the other foot. My only wish is that this finds another broken heart and soothes their heart, knowing that aren’t alone.


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