When People Part Ways



When people part ways, where does the love go?

A question read on the back of MMCM’s book ‘Letters, to the men I have loved’. Regardless what kind of a loss you’re dealing with, a loss will always be a loss.

When you’ve once loved a person, that feeling doesn’t just leave because the person isn’t there. You seek questions that might never be answered. You seek signs that will never be confirmed. The truth is that your brain tries to make sense, sort out and organize in order to comprehend.

People tell you to be strong, but what don’t tell you is that being strong is a everyday effort. It’s a choice, you must have the mentality that you will conquer before you let yourself be conquered.

When people part ways, love does not disappear. Pain may replace it for a while, after a time the pain will start to fade away and along with the power of love comes the ability to forgive yourself as well as the other person. And when forgiveness arrives, you will breathe freely without the knot of the other person inside you.

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