januari 2015


Coffee Date With Therese Frieberg

It's time to introduce a new segment here on Sara Che, each month a  new person will be introduced to you whom is working in the field of fashion. So many are wondering how to get a foot in this business we call fashion, each...


Parisian Feel

There’s that certain something about Parisiennes, they have a natural allure. It’s an appearance no one is able to describe: the well-known je ne sais quoi. Parisian women are always on point as they dress and full of confidence. The city itself has that natural allure as well, you can...


Motivational Monday

Allowing ourselves to grow and do better in anything requires taking risks, stepping out in faith, facing fear, trusting our call in life, living in our passion, taking a leap of faith etc. How can we do any of these things without having courage? Courage is...


Column | Finding The One

  Love. The most beautiful feeling in the world. Is there anything more beautiful than to love and be loved in return? If there is, I’d like to know. There is nothing more rewarding to love a person and to feel that persons love. The inspiration to...


Cloths Rack

Do you have a small closet or blessed with a big one? Weather you are battling  a small space or overwhelmed by finding clothes in a big closet, clothing rack can  be a solution to your problem. The rack can help you organize your wardrobe, its a...

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