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As soon as I sat my foot apartment I got a clear visual of how I wanted it to look like. With its French mid-century influences, I felt it was only right to emphasize its true character andI couldn’t wait to get started creating my Parisian sanctuary.

With its crips eggshell canvas, I wanted my bedroom to have a airy feeling yet character. I like to mix up materials such as the grey cement side tables with the clean and sophisticated lamps. My philosophy of decorating is to displaying pieces that have personal meaning and association, such as the old Nikon camera that my belated father used to take pictures with. Its because of him I am so passionate about photography.

I am one of those who not only wear my clothes but also like to display them – such as putting a nice pear of heals over a few favorite coffee table books next to a vase of tulips. Another way of display your favorite pieces is by using a rack, I like to mix it every once in while. The theme of the rack differs from week to week. Lastly, all time favorite decoration has to be a beautiful vase with fresh flowers  – it can truly bring any space to life. I usually go for while tulips and roses or soft pink roses.

You know you’ve completed the mission when you’re having friends whom complement you by saying ”This does not feel like an apartment in Stockholm, it feels so Parisian.” What do you guys think? Would love to read your opinion so please make sure to comment below.


sara-che-interior-designsara-che-interior-design sara-che-interior-design    sara-che-interior-design sara-che-interior-design

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  • Anne
    mars 29, 2015

    Beautiful space, cant wait to see more. You have such an sophisticated and simplistic style.


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