april 2015


Another Way of Layering

  The temperature is finally headed towards the right direction, which means  were finally getting there. Yes, I'm talking about spring. Although the weather has its way of playing tricks with us around this time of the year, I've found a way to win the game. If...


Wednesday Wish List Shoe Edition

  Put your best foot forward in a pair of new shoes. A new season translated upgrading my shoe collection, one can never have too many shoes. Right? As for myself, I clicked these babies home and was very pleased to get a 25% discount off....


The Striped Top and Coat

  Stripes is a classic pattern and will probably never go out of style, it's simply timeless. If there's one pattern that typically isn't a challenge to wear, it's stripes. The same things that make stripes so safe — their go-with-everything sense of order, their figure-flattering properties —...


5 Ways To Get a Great Start in The Morning

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here's my top five tips on how I get a more energized and happier mornings.   1. Breakfast - Nothing beats eating a beautiful breakfast before getting ready to face a new day....


How to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Since my last article on How to Edit Instagram Photos received great feedback, I decided to share more of my tips on the subject. I get a lot of questions on how to increase the amount of followers as well as what to have in mind...

Instagram Feed

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