juni 2015



  Fresh flowers are a essential part of decorating, white flowers in particular. The idea of a white space with white flowers such as lilies, roses or orchids just resonates with me. It can make (almost) any space come to live. Along with the flowers, coffee...


Summer time

  Casual summer days calls for denim shorts, whether you prefer a slouchier fit or other, these asymmetric do not only do add extra interest to the look, but they are also extremely practical and functional. I don’t know about you, but I love finding new ways...



    Whats more timeless than a leather jacket? And when you find the right one it's worth that little extra. In my case, so much that its hanging on my wall. Guess Carry in SATC isn't the only one who likes her money where she can see...


Off-shoulders with MLM Label

  There’s nothing more freeing that wearing a simple top with a few beautiful statement pieces. This top might categorize as simple, but in reality it’s made of 100% beautiful cotton. Light and perfect for the early summer days. Needless to say it goes perfectly with any...

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