Swedish fashion journalist David Björk once wrote ”There are two types of beauty in Sweden. One merry, rosy cheek and summery whereas the other one is heavy-hearted, dark and feels like fall kind of beauty.” Ingemar Bergmans films portrays that sense of feeling. David called it melancholic beauty.




  1. 1.
    a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.
    ”an air of melancholy surrounded him”
  1. 1.
    having a feeling of melancholy; sad and pensive.
    ”she felt a little melancholy”

Meng Johnsson, a photographer I met in Los Angeles four or five years ago took these pictures last weekend whilst visiting Gothenburg. Needless to say, Meng’s sense of esthetics is amazing and we both share a fascination for art that portrays this certain emotion.

Instead of writing several paragraphs, I leave you with this. Take it in, what do you feel? I’d love to know so please share your thoughts in the comments below.


sara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bagsara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bag sara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bagsara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bag


Photos by: Meng Johansson


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