juli 2015


Interior Inspiration: Window Frame

  Weekends calls for interior inspiration and I have to admit that my Pinterest interior pinning increases during the weekends. Lately, I've been drawn to spaces with window frames and I just love how it adds a little contract to airy space. Yet it still feels minimalistic...


Home Away From Home

  These pictures where shot in Stockholm but I woke up the west coast this morning. Swedish west coast that is, some years ago I used to live here. That chapter of my life started with Fashion School and since I liked the ambiance, I ended...


Opposites Attract

  Combining pieces of opposite vibe/style is one of my favorite ways to create a good balance while maintaining contrast. Also, a great way to balance of a very feminine or edgy piece. When talking about creating a personal style, creating these personal references of a...



After a whirlwind of a week of working non-stop, taking some time off to wind down and claim a day for myself felt like a good idea. Especially with all the traveling ahead. Juggling several projects is tons of fun but also demanding sometimes. Getting up early...

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