augusti 2015


Walk The Line

  One could think a week in New York would be more than enough but as the trip was coming to an end I started to realise that there was still so much more to explore. My stay included many highlights, and if I would share them...


Open Minds

  After a wonderful trip in New York I was happy to be back in Stockholm, especially my apartment. What can I say, its my sanctuary and it doesn't matter if I have been away a few hours or a whole week, I get the same...


Soho Stroll

    Days have been busy lately, and when I say busy I mean lots of walking in a steaming hot New York. Its almost time for me to pack my bags and head home for a few weeks before its time to pack up again. Next...


There are so many precious moments that we need to cherish and learn to appreciate as they appears in our lives. New destinations, new encounters, new beginnings, dreams becoming reality or whatever the occasion may be - live freely and allow yourself to fall in...



  Growing up as a kid, I was never the one who dreamt of having a family or have a wedding like most of my friends - instead I fantasized about adventures and trips to countries far away. The thought got me so excited. Fast forward,...

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