Are Fashion Blogs Dying out?

As the internet and social media keeps progressing, the business of fashion blogs do too. Some choose to go wider by adding other elements to their blog, such as workout or travel while arguing that fashion is too narrow. Others, argue that fashion blogs are counting its days and will soon be an end of an area.

Although I have discussed the subject several times There have been many occasions where I’ve been discussing the subject with bloggers and people in the industry, it’s all speculations but it can be wise to know what sense of direction you have for yourself.

On one point I understand that some argue that the era of fashion bloggers are coming to its end, but could it actually be that some bloggers who’ve reached certain level have lost their personal touch? Truth be told, the Swedish blogging scene differs a lot from the rest of the world, as the rest of the world has progressed to create content the majority of Swedish bloggers are still using it as personal diary. Does it get confusing? Yes, because you’re looking at beautiful pictures with a text that has nothing to do with the pictures.

On a personal note, after reading blogs for many years ahead before I started my own I found it always interesting to read what the person was thinking while putting together a look. A personal note that makes one get a insight to why the look is put together the way it is – instead of who you had coffee with (cause frankly, who cares?)

Therefore, I find myself reading blogs where the person has an opinion and a voice. It doesn’t have to be all serious, it can be humours (I love Leandra Medin for instance and have a great amount of respect for her work) but since we’re being fed with high quality images on various platforms I find it more interesting reading blog where you can sense the persona.

Fashion blogs are not coming to an end, however challenged to stand out in masses (and mediums) – and what makes one stand out is to be who you are and keep things real. Some argue that they want their blogs to be inspiring and positive but does that mean one cant voice a subject that is heavier than the new shoes you recently purchased? Speaking of such, I strongly recommend you to read my friend Anouk’s piece about Anti-Fashion. After have shared stories about my breakup previous this year, my insecurities and view on business of fashion blogging I have received comments about being brave. Its very flattering, but I don’t consider it being brave. Maybe its because I promised myself to honest and real with you here – and by doing so I believe you can always hold me countble whether I’m sharing something positive or if I’m going through a hard patch.

Conclusion? Fashion blogs are not going anywhere but in order to e be influencer you cant just be a pretty face. You have to stand for something, in the end personality wins (I’m sure Iris Apfel agrees with me, I suggest you watch her document if you have any doubts). Both on the internet and in the real world, so just relax and have fun. If you’re in this to share then share and don’t hold back, if you’re afraid of judgment then its maybe because you’re passing judgement on others?

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Photos: Linda Juhola, edited by me

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  • Natali
    oktober 26, 2015

    I absolutely agree with you on this one! To have a successful blog, fashion, beauty or whatever related, you can’t just be a pretty face or have a pretty ”house/ background/ kitchen/ etc.” in order to keep people coming back to your blog and wanting to be your dedicated readers. Sharing some views, personal things, good or bad ones and just being ”real” and writing about different subjects from time to time is what in my mind makes a blog stand out in the sea of billion blogs that exist nowadays.

    • oktober 28, 2015

      I agree, and I want to add that one should also be dedicated to themselves. I think many bloggers start with the aspiration to inspire or be inspired while they’re creating their content. By adding their personal view is what makes that content interesting.


  • oktober 26, 2015

    This. This is spot on, so well written and I agree with everything that you’ve said!
    I follow many blogs, but sometimes struggle with following bigger blogger because it’s all about sharing and not caring (about their followers). I love to follow inspiring people who grow through creating their content and sharing a piece of their thoughts instead of posting an ‘editorial’ with fewer words or personal touch. Although nice to see, they don’t offer something that would challenge me to think about what they’ve said.
    And personally, I love to blog but I’m kind of struggling with content because I really enjoy fashion but I want to do it in a fresher way… gotta get my creative juices flowing. Need coffee! :D
    I don’t think fashion blogs are dying out, but they might be on the point where something has to happen to become fresh again and explode to new levels.


    • oktober 28, 2015

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes it can be nice to read content that doesn’t challenge the mind, however I feel that range of content is growing and the content that is more personal is decreasing. I defiantly agree that something needs to happen and I also want to encourage people to not be afraid of showing who they truly are


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