Emotionally Constipated

Maybe its because its December, its generally dark outside. The hours of sun hours have decreased to around five hours of daylight, and if you have a nine to five you’re missing out of those valuable hours. Tonight I met up with a friend after work, we sat down at the restaurant and she asked ‘how are you, Sara?’. Maybe it was the tone of her voice, the question sounded so sincere so I replied with a sincere answer.

‘I’m good, but a little emotionally constipated’, my friend had a amused look on her face so I started to explain what I was meaning. Its sounded something like: I don’t know what it is but I am not feeling very inspired, however the inspiration I have is somewhere within, yet I can get it out. There’s a lot on my to-do list, yet not feeling its translating into actions in the natural matter that it usually does. I know constipated isn’t a cute words, I’m sorry for giving you any unpleasant visuals but the word was just spot on.

Is it the weather? The lack of sun hours? That everyone is wearing dark colors and adding more darkness to our oh so dark city? I don’t know. I cant help but dream away, the wanderlust in me is screaming loud, yet not loud enough to make me take action. Instead I take the subway home, put on some cosy clothes and serve myself a cup on ginger and lemon tea. Cuddle up in the coach in my new apartment, fire up the computer with a content feeling that something (big) is around the corner.

So maybe its fine to give yourself a break, and just do whatever you feels right for the moment, the inspiration will catch on. Truth be told, its been one busy year on many levels and life has taken many interesting turns. So maybe, I’m not really emotionally constipated but inspirationally constipated (hahaha) (its good to laugh at yourself).

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  • december 5, 2015

    I know how it feels like..It’s frustrating but you don’t know where it comes from hahaa! But I totally agree! Sometimes it’s ok to feel unspired, it will disappear anyway. In the meantime, enjoy your time with your loved ones, go for a walk outside, take a good rest or hit the gym..I’m pretty sure you’ll find inspiration in those things soon :) Good luck! xo Vivian

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