januari 2016


Calm Before The Fashion Weeks

Sundays are one of my favourite days, although I usually tend to work I always schedule in time to just relax and recharge the batteries. With a hectic week of catching shows, meetings and then a flight to Copenhagen for more shows and meetings I...


Rolled-Up Straight Jeans

Remember my previous jeans trend prediction? Sayonara skinnies, hello rolled-up straight fitted jeans. Yes, I have converted and couldn’t you when you find the perfect model that has that timeless classic touch yet up to date....


Polar Bear

The fact that this winter has been forced one to brave the winter bites is an understatement. Between attempting to maintaining some kind of body heat without loosing any sense of style and desperately looking for ...


Pyjama Party

Sorry for the prolonged absence. January is coming to an end, and I couldnt be happier – mainly because the tempratures are rising. Yes, the past weeks have been dreadful to the point that shooting an look haven’t been possible...


Inside a creative mind

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the most common misconceptions we face today are the judgments we’re casting based upon what we’re seeing on various social media channels.  Isn’t fascinating that a feed of pictures can dictate how we perceive people? Although I love Instagram for allowing me to witness...

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