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One of the most common misconceptions we face today are the judgments we’re casting based upon what we’re seeing on various social media channels.  Isn’t fascinating that a feed of pictures can dictate how we perceive people?

Although I love Instagram for allowing me to witness creative minds work, and enabling me to actually work with some talented people in the industry I find myself taking longer pauses.

“When you are designing your own business you need to ask yourself ‘What am I about?’” – Tom Ford

Peeling off one layer at time, until the core is exposed.  Quality over quantity, I hear those words echo in my head as a mantra. Finding the equilibrium can at times be a challenging in this insta-hit and run world. As the spinning top goes fast and faster the urge of pausing becomes more crucial.

Instagram is a concentrated form representation of us, or in many terms parts of us. Yet we base our opinion of others based this concentrated presentation. However, my social media life tells only a fraction oh who I am – and most likely you as well. Its what we want to communicate to the outside world, but there is so much more to a person than these squared pictures.

And essentially, what we see is is what we choose to see – have you ever considered if you’re projecting your own ideas on others? Yes, projecting – who are you and what am I projecting on you?

Consuming the right ideas is just as important as consuming the right food. But then, what’s right for me doesn’t necessarily have to be right for you and vice versa but there is one golden rule – one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

So allow yourself to press pause, question your thoughts, question others thoughts because thinking critically can allow new ideas to born and maybe then you will learn what you really are about.

Photo: Tahira Music

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  • viktoria
    januari 19, 2016

    You inpire me everyday! Thank you :*

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