Let’s Discuss: Extroverted intovert

Over a short period of time, I have been stumbling upon a few in regards to being an introvert vs. extrovert – and being both. Although I was familiar with both types I was fascinated by the combination of being both.Naturally, I digged in full nerd mode which is what I usually do when something fascinates me a lot. As I continued researching, puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

When you’re working a full-time job and running and business on the side its natural to encounter many different types of people. And because you’re building a business on a social media platform, people tend to have an idea of who you are – but you don’t have a clue about them. After reading Leany Haday’s article on the topic, I got inspired to share my story of being an extroverted introvert.

When I used to tell friends that I am an introvert, no one really understood where I was coming from because I am a social and outgoing person. However, very selective and selective with my social calendar because I’ve learned with time that my level of energy has a limit until I want some solitude. In fact, sometimes I even long for being alone. No TV or other noises pumping out from the speakers on a digital device – a cup of coffee and a magazine is more than enough.

Meeting new people can be fun, as long as it doesn’t involve too much small talk. As I’ve learned more about extrovert introverts, we want true connection and meaningful conversations. Another thing I find to be true for me is that I am quiet in crowds – I love to listen at people’s ideas and learn, as long as the conversation is meaningful that is (haha!) and if the gathering isn’t meaningful I always have an escape plan – that goes back to being selective once again. Its also about choosing quality over quantity, I’d rather have a few genuine people around than a bunch that does not add anything.

Lastly, one thing I really resonated with was that extrovert introverts loath the concept of how things “should be” – and if you’ve been reading my articles you’re fully aware on status. The bright side is that this helps one look for new doors and passages to what’s right for oneself other than doing it because the masses are.

In the end, it all falls back on that there is no black and white. People are different and we shouldn’t put them in categories because they have a way of being but work in a field were the idea is that people are the other way around. It’s nice to learn how different we can be from one another – but also essential to respect those differences. In fact, I love learning new things about my self as well. Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert, or maybe like me?

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  • februari 22, 2016

    Hmm that’s a very good question…I think I’m also an ambivert. I love meeting new creative people and I love being surrounded by my loved ones. However, sometimes I feel like I need a little me-time. And I think it’s totally ok to stay at home over the weekend, wearing my PJs, sitting on the couch and doing nothing :)

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