Blogging: Looking for Inspiration in all the wrong Places

As the fashion industry is moving through an interesting paradigm of shift, so are the social media world as well. Meanwhile, both components are influencing each other and its safe to say that these are some very interesting times.

In order to be on top of your game, the importance of innovation needs to be emphasized. Regardless if we (influencers/bloggers) are creating content, its always good to ask oneself were the inspiration comes from. Whether we like it or not, we’re being bombarded with information all day long, which have lead me to consciously consume the information that’s being presented.

For example, a couple of my photographer friends follow barley (if any) other photographers in their field. Why? To not be influenced and keep their eye’s ‘fresh’ from influences that may cause them to snap a photo that might look as another person. As for myself, I stopped following and reading other bloggers, finding influencers that aren’t doing what everybody else are is challenging. My mantra is quality over quality, because just a picture of what you’re wearing doesn’t do it – anymore.

The other day I watched a clip from a Swedish TV-show were Alexander Bard had made a forecast (10 years ago) in regards of internets importance and how information will now be found on WWW. He also mad e a new forecasted and spoke about sociology and current human behavior. Such as the importance of Running Man in the US, and how people are creating similar event to come together and create, and finally that the individualistic era is coming to its end. Maybe this will make sense in 1, 5 or 10 years but I can absolutely see a shift.

Quality over quantity is essential, posting several post a day on the blog or social media isn’t meaningful unless there’s an actual surplus value attached to it. However, it isn’t necessary the audience that decide that whether the post has value or not – when the creator creates from the heart it automatically shines through. But when you create, or just post or write headlines to create click-baits it jeopardizes your credibility.

The past months, I’ve learned to be more aware of what actually inspires me and why it does. Filtered out things that doesn’t and every time I go back to old habits, I remember why I stopped looking at certain blogs or influencers work. Don’t get me wrong, others may find it interesting but as a consumer you need to ask yourself what’s actually good for you. The same way we should be mindful of the food we consume. Right?

Photo: Anouk Yve

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