Weekend Wears


There’s something about Sunday’s, and for some reason it has been one of my favorite days of the week. However, people often react when I say this – maybe because it’s the last day of the weekend and Monday is just around the corner which translates to back to the same grind. Hence, laying at home and squeezing out the last 24 hours of horizontally nothingness.

Many years ago, I decided to change things up and implemented Social Sundays with my group of friends. Meaning, doing fun things together and equally socialize instead of spending another thought that Monday is up next. Although I’ve moved from city to city, I’m still busy on Sundays – mostly some work planner but I always make sure to have some play time scheduled in. I love the feeling of ease that Sundays bring.

Somehow it translates to my clothes as well, but since it’s still (very) cold here in Stockholm I tend to wrap myself up in cozy jackets and scarfs. Nothing really special – black denim, white top and sneakers. Effortless, just like the weekend should be, or I at least aim to be.

As for today, I’m off to brunch with my dear friend at the beautiful hotel Miss Clara, followed by a meeting with Anouk, my business partner and hang out with my partner in style Tahira after I’ve checked off a few tasks from my to-do list. What are your plans?

Hope you’re off to a lovely end on this week, make it a memorable one!

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  • Natali
    februari 28, 2016

    I could never understand the ”problem” with Mondays? I guess it’s just that your life or job are in some kind of disorder and you have to blame it on a certain day of the week or something? I love getting things done, I love the action, ”new beginnings”, etc. This being said, I love Sundays too! They’re always somehow very chilled, maybe having some brunch with friends or family, going for a walk in the nature… People that don’t like Sundays and/ or Mondays are weird. :D :D :D


  • viktoria
    februari 28, 2016

    So beautiful look!


  • mars 1, 2016

    Sounds like you had a fun yet relaxing weekend! My weekend was quite hectic, we had a lot of preps for our wedding. You look beautiful as always, your outfit is so on point. Love your coat btw! I wish I could wear this too, but I always feel like I look like an ice bear..:( xoxo

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