The Art Of Principles


If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all. There are a few principles that I don’t compromise on, they’ve been practiced far too long and developed into a routine – a way of being.

Although I find myself conflicted at times, debating with myself whether to say something just for the sake of letting you know that I am very much alive and not only busy with my day-to-day grind, but alive in a great place as well. Things are falling into place and shortly I can reveal what has been going on behind the curtains. In a matter of fact, before finishing this projects new ones have been born and I find myself with too little time and so many amazing opportunities to embrace. Yes, that what I do with opportunities. Embrace them, because they haven’t come my way just for the sake of them but because every move has been a calculated step towards in putting myself in that position.

When I was in my mid-twenties and worked at a bank, I started in the bottom of the hierarchy and after three years as a product developer. Not bad, right? By practicing the principle of doing whatever I’m doing as good as I possibly can open up new doors – doors I


thought I needed a special education to endeavor before being qualified to even apply.

Turns out, if you do whatever you’re doing in a great manner it will be recognized and new opportunities will present themselves. Sometimes it’s a solid knock on your door while other times its whispering wind, make sure to keep your eyes and ear open at all times.

However, be mindful before saying yes and take pride of the work you do but also know what your work is about. Regardless if you’re in a creative field of something else, other will notice not only how you execute the work but also what sort of work you’re doing. For instance, as a influencer/blogger you have barely seen me post articles from events. Especially press-event unless I find them relevant to my platform and my audience – in fact, I have respectfully declined to certain events when the PR-rep’s demand is to blog about the event. I can’t guarantee I will because what I publish matters and if I’m not sure I can’t stand up for every word that is being read than I’d rather not.

In the end, its about keeping it real. You’re saving your self the headache as well as other, plus your audience can tell if whatever is being published is truly you or a sponsored post. There are far too many heavily sponsored blogs out there, if you want to take a unique stand then you better have a clear idea about who you are and what you are about – and if you don’t know, start painting the imagine of who you want to be and why.


My sole intention with this space is it to be honest and be inspired by the interaction I’m able to generate with everyone of you, regardless of your background, geographical location, dreams and aspirations. Therefore, principles have overtime developed a routine, created new doors and also closed others but at least I can take pride in doing what I believe with character. After all, aren’t we tiered of all those Outfit Of The Day posts or check out my new blah blah [insert clothes, shoes, etc… I think you get my point]  posts that does not give any significance to this creative canvases we call life? Or am I the only one craving content with substance?

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Photo: Tahira Music, edited by me

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  • Natali
    mars 21, 2016

    Fantastic post dear! I have truly enjoyed reading it through and I can relate to your way of thinking completely. Having principles is a ”must”, no matter what work you’re doing or with whom you’re dealing ( personally or business wise ), you need to know your worth, set some goals, boundaries and make a plan on how you’ll reach that desired level of success.
    As a photographer and as a blogger, I have chosen the ”path less traveled” and have set some certain principles which are here to stay. I believe that by enough of good quality work, staying true to yourself and being unique is the only way to get to the top AND stay there. So many people make too many compromises and ”sell outs” which might get them somewhere faster but it will also storm them down on their noses sooner than they can say success.

  • mars 21, 2016

    I agree, keeping it real and stay true to yourself…I like the fact that you have your own principles and that you are sharing some interesting real life topics with us. You are not afraid of sharing things – like you said – behind the ‘curtains’. I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again. These things make you real, they make the person who you really are and that’s why I love your blog so much:) xoxo

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