april 2016


Hotel Skeppsholmen

There’s no news that I enjoy discovering new places, same goes with restaurants. There is something pleasurable about going to a certain spot to eat a specific meal, and what more fun to meet up with your friends during the weekend to enjoy hours around...



[columns_row width="half"] [column][/column] [column]     Touchdown Stockholm! One week, two trips to two of Europe’s capitals and although its great to be back home, I’m already looking forward to next destination. Yes, I have a new trip booked but I can’t say more for now (hashtag cliffhanger). These past weeks...


Vivid Phases

With the embarking of spring, a tiered phase is coming to a full circle. The spring sun has done me well, especially here in Paris....


Fashion X Sporty With Zalando

If there was a trend to take note of this season it’s to incorporate sporty items into your personal style, in fact, the majority of the photos from previous Paris Fashion Week that made an impact on me were on those people who wore a...


Sara Che 2.0

[columns_row width="half"] [column][/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row]   [columns_row width="third"] [column] With all the changes hat has been occurring the past months, it was time to update this space to something that represents where I am today and what I’m doing. So hello and welcome to Sara Che 2.0, I hope you like the...

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