Vivid Phases

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I go through vivid phases, vivid yet different from each other, high contrasts to the point where one can see where one phase starts and where the other one ends. With the embarking of spring, a tiered phase is coming to a full circle. The spring sun has done me well, especially here in Paris where I currently am for a little get-away.

Although the notion of two upcoming busy days in Stockholm, followed by a press-trip to London for two days followed by packing up my apartments while having my best friend visiting I made the decision to not give in to anything other than being where I actually am. Embrace this get-away phase, tomorrow will come regardless.

My life has always been a collection of vivid phases, some busier while others have been a long snooze-party (mainly because the need for rest) and interestingly enough, phases occur in many parts of life. From being into a certain type of music for a while, or re-wearing a type of jeans for a time period or finding myself drawn to a certain type of designers. The current phase would be best described:


  • Drawn to Swedish and Danish designers
  • Wearing mostly straight jeans, such as these Totême jeans above.
  • Strolling around in metallic shoes with a heel my feet thanks me for.
  • The wider and bigger sleeve, the better.
  • Attempting to keep my caffeine consumption by two cups a day.
  • Listening to cultivating podcasts and discussing interesting topics
  • Packing my life in a Little Liffner (Swedish brand) tote everyday, perfect for most occasions.
  • Planning the interior decor of my next place
  • Juggling projects and my new role as Creative Content Strategist at Büro Hashtag.


This hopefully gives you a little idea of what this current phase looks like, its just a fraction of whats not being described. Next week, I will go more into detail but make sure to follow along meanwhile on Instagram and Snapchat. Now, we’re off to Marais to have a hipster breakfast. À tout à l’heure!

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