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Touchdown Stockholm! One week, two trips to two of Europe’s capitals and although its great to be back home, I’m already looking forward to next destination. Yes, I have a new trip booked but I can’t say more for now (hashtag cliffhanger).

These past weeks have been very busy, meaning busier than my usual busy schedule, juggling three different jobs while working on new projects and change of apartment has left its imprints. Tiered is pretty much an understatement, lets just say that I don’t remember when the last time way that I had a day off was prior to Paris. At some point, I felt like someone had hit me in the face with pan (stekpannna) in the face, a good indicator to slow down.

So during our stay in Paris, I slowed it down and forced myself to not pick up the camera at every block. Honestly, it was hard and I’ve come to realize why.

  • The passion I have for what I do is bigger than myself, that’s what help me with being persistent.
  • Photography is a way for me to communicate what I see and my sense of esthetics.
  • Capturing beauty that enables me to communicate visually leaves me blissful. In other words, its so much more than capturing a moment, its about sharing the story around moment.
  • I’m a sucker for stories. Personal, historical or even fictional stories that gives the audience a deeper understanding.
  • When living my life and thinking about big decisions, I sometimes fast-forward the years and imagine what story I want to be able to tell when I’m older.




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[column]However, there have been many times where I have felt misunderstood. Not by family members, they’re my biggest supporters although they like to make fun or occasional man repelling choices of clothes. But that’s just our way jargon, and I love it, especially when my baby brother says “what are those”, or when my sister makes funny pointers that I look like a flight attendant. There have been several occasions where I felt that I need to explain my passion, which is interesting but then again you can’t expect people to understand something they might be lacking.[/column]
[column]Recently, a good friend and I discussed the subject of why people start blogging. For instance, is it because they’re creatively passionate or for the “fame”? Imidetly, the word insta-famous come to my mind -even though one might get some “fame” out publishing pretty pictures and writing a crappy caption to the crappy written blog post, the fame wont last because those people don’t have the passion and wont therefore persist. Makes sense, right? Truth be told, at this point I don’t care about the amount of following or how many likes a picture is[/column]
[column]getting, the engagement is more interesting because it actually tells how it effects the audience.  Secondly, I think its as important to have some joy while producing content as going back to your feed and actually liking what you see. Yes, you have to like what you produce, let your audience rise to your level, especially if you’re creativity isn’t in the mainstream lane. And at the end of the day, I’m more drawn to people who have something to say instead the wanna-be-cool-kids that just drains your energy. Speaking of energy, giving myself some time off in Paris was nice but[/column]
[column] the interesting thing is that although the schedule in London was filled with activities I got on the plane with new found energy and inspiration. The thought of having my best friend visiting me for the weekend is also a boost of joy, I look forward sitting on the coach with her, maybe sip on a cup of tea while getting lost in various conversation about everything and nothing. And maybe that’s how I see it, either you give what you’re doing your everything – or nothing.[/column]





Photo: Tahira Music, edited by me

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  • april 29, 2016

    Such an inspiring blog post to start kick start my Friday morning! The more blogs are out there, the more I get picky about the ones I read, the ones that you can tell are driven by a creative passion. Keep up the good work :)

    • april 29, 2016

      That makes me so happy, I’m pleased you found it inspiring so thank you for taking your time and sharing your appreciation and thoughts. I absolutely agree with you, with time I find it harder to find blogs that are relevant to me. I have e few favourites, they come across as like minded spirits which is why I continue reading their content. Please feel free to share tips on good blogs to read. Have lovely day, Lisa. xx

  • maj 4, 2016

    ‘By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.’ That’s my favourite quote and I think this also implies to you! I love it when you just don’t care about the fame…or the likes or the followers. You don’t need all of these in order to stand out from the crowd! You’re already unique because you’re Sara Che and you’re doing the things you love and that’s what inspires people! :) I always try to catch up on your blog whenever I have time and I love the content you provide! You can’t get rid of me that easily hehe… :) Hope you’re having an amazing week so far! xo

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