Hotel Skeppsholmen

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[dropcap letter=”T”]here’s no news that I enjoy discovering new places, same goes with restaurants. There is something pleasurable about going to a certain spot to eat a specific meal, and what more fun to meet up with your friends during the weekend to enjoy hours around a table, eating amazing food while having amazing conversations?


Yes, those place’s transform to a gem because they carry a tradition with them after a few visits. A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I visited Hotel Skeppsholmen here in Stockholm for the first time. Skeppsholmen is a little island located in the heart of the city, but as we got closer to the hotel, the less we felt as we were in the city.


As we walked into the restaurant, we were welcomed by a beautiful interior, lovely ambiance and hospitable staff. My three friends and I were seated at a round table in the middle of restaurant and before we got the chance to sit down, there were already filled glasses of champagne on the table waiting for us. Yes, it was one of those rare experiences and we all agreed that we felt very special and well taken cared of.


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And the food, well where should I begin? While a part of me would love to put words on the amazing tastes we experienced that Sunday afternoon, I’d rather have you go and experience it for yourself. Since I don’t eat meat, I found the vegetarian options lovely. However, this is the kind of place you want to save room for the desert. Or should I say desserts? We ordered in every dessert on the menu, and every milkshake and I can personally confirm that heaven was having a feast In my mouth (I guess you’re getting a sense of how much I actually love food).


As for the milkshakes, I have never tasted anything like it. It was such an amazing experience, sitting there and being well taken cared of while eating amazing food and chitchatting with your friends. There’s no doubt that Hotel Skeppsholmen will be my choice of weekend brunch, I’ll let the images speak for themselves.


A big thank you to the lovely staff at Hotel Skeppsholmen for showing us so much love, it made the experience so much more special.

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  • maj 4, 2016

    A Sunday’s brunch at Skeppsholmenl? That sounds like a good idea! The food looked amazingly good and I’d love to try those milkshakes too! :)

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