Yasurgi with River Island


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While I had been to the Japanese spa outside of Stockholm a few years ago, I was more than excited to accept when River Island asked me to tag along on a 24 hour get-away.



A group of Stockholm based bloggers left the city around noon to meet up the group of bloggers  from Hollands. Together we has the pleasure of trying River Islands new sport collection, in the most amazing way. During our stay, they had scheduled activities such as the Japanese sport Kendo, and yoga. Between the activities, some got massages while the rest of the group enjoyed the outdoors pools overlooking the beautiful nature.
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Knowing my hair was going to be exposed to a lot of humidity, I found it unnecessary to blow-dry it after washing my hair the night before. Never did I imagine getting so many kind compliments via Snapchat, it was also amusing to see peoples reaction when I told them that the curls is my hairs natural habitat. Yes, I blow-dry it and even straighten it a little with a flat-iron. Why? Well, you guys know how it is, when you have straight hair you wish for curls and vice versa.


Needless to say, it was an amazing experience. Relaxing and oh-so needed. If I wasn’t in a Japanese robe, i was in a pajama – just to be all about comfort allowed one to relax even more. You guys know how much I love pajamas, having a River Island pajama waiting in my hotel room really put a smile on my face.


A big thanks to River Island for arranging this beautiful experience!
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Photo: Frida Möller/ Studio Foto Emma, edited by me

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  • viktoria
    maj 29, 2016

    Beautiful photos as always!


  • maj 30, 2016

    Happy Monday Sara! What an amazing experience! Glad you had a great time with fellow bloggers and River Island! Wish I could have joined you..but I guess I’m too ‘unknown” to be selected hahaha :p Anyway, your personalized PJs look cute and your natural curls are incredibly beautiful! I’d die to have your curls! xo, Vivian

    • juni 7, 2016

      Happy Tuesday! Thank you so much, it was a great experience. Wish you were there too. Awww glad you like the look and the curls sweetie. xx

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