Canadian Tuxedo: Summer Edition

The phrase Canadian tuxedo became popular after the movie The Super Trooper when the Sergeant appears wearing a denim jacket with a pair of jeans, not sure it was matching denim or not. Regardless of the season, or as the year passes this full on denim look keeps doing comebacks.

As the weather gets warmer, long jeans dont feel attempting to sport. Shorts, yes and skirt are a major option during summer. Earlier I shared my surprise over how well-made KappAhl’s jeans, well it didn’t end there. This denim pencil skirt caught my eyes immediately, and I aslo mentioned it to Paul Laing, Head Designer for KappAhl during the last press presentation. Little did I know that both Paul and I really like denim, like is actually not the right word, love sound more accurate.

I think I’ve I’d ever were to asked to collaborate on a collection (just daydreaming a little…) I’d love to create a denim collection. Truth be told. I actually already know how I would like it to look. Hint to brands out there, haha!

What I love about this skirt is that the color, texture and amazing softness in the fabric – KappAhl’s denim should be synonymous with comfortable which isn’t the case in most scenarios when discussing denim. Seriously, hats off! Needless to say, a denim shirt and skirt is the perfect summer Canadian Tuxedo, or what do you think?



Photo: Anouk Yve, edited by me

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