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I was left deeply moved after listening to Leandra Medin’s podcast episode on not being pregnant. One hour prior to recording the episode she’s just got the news that a transplant wasn’t a success, in the episode she shares the details and how this had affected her, her thoughts and emotions that she was going through her – at that real moment. Being a person who needs to get that energy out of me when feeling so intensely, I couldn’t feel anything but instan gratification to her strength to share such a private and intimate situation. The following episode, she shared how her emotions, thoughts and physical status has changed and I just loved her even more for being so transparent and humble in such private matter.

Sharing past events is one thing, but when you’re able to share something your going through which is painful, that is sign of utter strength. The majority I know does actually the opposite, sometimes even isolate themselves because they might not have the energy to share, or even being in a state of mind where one can put words on the words thats being experienced. What even impressed me more was the fact that she even shared how she felt from a spiritual point of view. Talking openly about spirituality in America is very normal, which one might think is the same when it comes to Sweden. Well, unfortunately the truth is that its absolutely tabu to discuss such topics here in this modern, progressive and forward thinking country. Some people who are spiritual find their ways to one and other but its very cautious. Lately I’ve discovered that I have such hard time finding a relationship profound, if the other person is lacking a inner depth, since I started my own journey in a early age it’s hard to find someone who is on the same level or has some understanding for it or what it can be. This have left me to go through interesting event and lessons, and in each lesson I try to reflect the challenge back to me so I can get a profounder understand for why the event occurred.


As you can understand, there are many questions running currently in my head, which i am trying to sort out. But instead of writing something about how much I love this look, I was very moved by Leandra’s way on sharing something so private – and if I can be inspired by sharing something that makes us feel vulnerable in the moment its occurring than I sure hope some of you can be inspired to share similar topics. Not only do I believe that you will able to feel better because you are sharing and how you are feeling, when you’ve realized that energy you will all of a sudden have space for new energy so you can move forward. In other words, you’re doing yourself a major favor and if you are a person with some sort of a platform, imagine how this will allow your audience to actually get to know you. Needless to say that the content is going to be more unique because nooo one except you can go through your story and tell the narrative the way you do.

Speaking of narrative, the story behind these photos of this girl who’s recently found a style and look in herself that she feels utterly free in is sitting alone on roof, overlooking the city as the clouds pass by one by one. As she hear the sound of the city from the streets below, she can’t but to be amazed by the machines who are building new buildings. These majestic orange machines reminds her that how she’d though it would be when she reaches some sort of other level, what she didn’t reflect over is how lonely she would feel and how life felt far away, almost like  the sound of the far away buzzing sound of the city. That girl, thats me. Never did I think coming this far would me feel far away from others, although I am fully aware that I am on my journey. i actually follow my own path which is a profound topic by its own, however the imagery shows that I enjoy coming the way I’ve come there are still some more things to come while the city is a synonym for my life and everything that is happening in it right now.

Wearing: Zara jumpsuit, Zara sneakers, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, Ray-Ban’s sunglasses

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Its safe to say that I have never been this open and transparent with you and with my self before, its something worth mentioning. That being said, I am eager to hear what comments are from this post and what has captured you the most. There are so many layers of depth and levels to this post, so I am very eager to so what the reactions are going to be. Finally, I am so grateful for having this platform that allows me to share and to create new discussions with likeminded souls around the world. Thank you!

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Photo: Anouk Yve, edited and  directed by me

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  • juni 29, 2016

    Sara, I can imagine how much courage it may have taken in order to write such an article. I think you’re very brave and you did a great job! And I totally agree, not only your friends, but your reader will be able to get to know you better. I hope you’re feeling better after sharing your thoughts or struggles with your audience:) xo, Vivian

    • juli 10, 2016

      Its becoming actually more easier to share private subjects, but i guess it all comes down to the fact that id rather discuss topics that actually can change a mindset or at least.. make it reflect in a new perspective. There are so many bloggers out there who are doing what they do really good, but as the rest of aspects of life, i want it to be meaningful and if that means that i have to display parts of my life to make an example well so be it. No one is perfect, and everybody goes through rougher patches but by sharing we can learn from each other – now whats more meaningful than that? xx

      • juli 14, 2016

        Well said! That’s why I always take the time to read your articles :)

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