How Is Snapchat Really Affecting Us

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Saturday was one of those simple yet profound days, and I want to share a few details it with you. My dear friend Sara and I met before going to  a day-party, we don’t see each other as often as we like so we were both excited about our impromptu date. As I’ve might have mentioned before, having a longer friendship with a person who hasn’t have that sense of depth has proved me numerous times that it isn’t a great fit. But our friendship has always been effortless, it actually started effortless too. She was sitting next to me at a show during Stockholm Fashion Week, she started talking to me and that was the beginning of our friendship.

At the party, Sara brought up some interesting topics, we discussed social media since we’re both in the field, how snapchat has effected us socially. And if you have been reading my blog for a while, I’m sure you know that social construction is a topic I love to dive in. For those who are just starting reading these articles, this isn’t you’re regular fashion/lifestyle blog.

One argument my friend did was that she believed that Snapchat is a medium that has enables people to do more things that used to be out of our comfort-zones. We’re sharing, everything, every moment, to the point whereas we soon might even be sharing those oh-so private moments. But where will the line be drawn? Is this the beginning of what sort of social media we’re gonna be drawn to, which leads platforms as Instagram to be the new fading Facebook? If you look at it, Instagram is taking a similar evolution as Facebook where the older generations are jumping on board now, it’s more commons for the general public to have an actual account at Instagram whereas the younger generations are using newer  apps, such as Snapchat.

untitled-2119The other day I listened to a podcast where a man told he doesn’t get a hold of his teenage daughter, only via Snapchat, which is highly interesting. We could see from the early start that our way of communicating was changing due to social media, we call each other less and text more for example. My friend in London and I send each other snaps on a weekly basis and check in on each other. I’ve asked myself why I do prefer Snapchat when talking to her, the answer is that I like the fact that I get to see her (when she’s not hiding half of her face in the screen, don’t ask its a thing she does… ) and seeing facial expressions adds to a conversation. Especially when you only see the person in real life a few times a year (usually meaning fashion weeks, haha), one other thing I like the too is that they can share whats happing in real moment and its unfiltered plus that I don’t have to be on my phone to see it in real time such as FaceTime, I can catch up whenever I have the time.

Both me and my friend were slightly fascinated about the turn we’ve discovered and interested to see how it continuous. However, the older I get the less receptive I get to adding more social platforms to my life and frankly, not so interested in doing so either. One thing we’re witnessing more is how fashion brands create event for people with a large following to promote brand awareness. The brand Revolve has made it even to a seasonal thing, whether its Coachella, The Hamptons or Mexico – a number of beautiful girls fly to these destinations and share the experience, on Snapchat (and other platforms). Not only does this show the importance of events in todays PR-strategising but also how we respond to this. I’m not going to spill it all, I just want you to start thinking about how it might have effected you so you can share in the comment section below. I truly hope you guys take the time to think and please respond with what you came up with.

As I am sitting here with a smirk on my face (funny fact: my friend Sara’s nickname) I realise that there is so much more I want to share about this day and the conversations but I think its better to leave you with this and continue with the next subject in the next post. Till then, looking forward to read the comments.



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Photo: Anouk Yve, edited by me


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  • Natali
    juli 11, 2016

    I believe that using tools we’ve been given, esp. as an online media influencers is up to us to decide on how far we’ll go or how much we’ll show. I also think that it’s incredible that just some random people have Snapchats too and share every single little thing, many times a day. Why? What’s the point? People forgot how it feels like and what it’s like to just ”be” and socialise face-to-face. Nothing will ever be able to replace an honest talk, shoulder to lean on, a smile and a good laughter with the friends, etc. I have a feeling that people have been so swamped with the social media, playing one Big Brother ”eye” and it seems like everybody ”knows” what everybody is doing, yet nobody really knows anybody… You get the point. But, yea, it does help to be social media active if you have a business or whatever purpose to be present on them. It’s a yin-yang type of thing… Balancing!

  • juli 17, 2016

    Hi Sara, I finally have time to sit back and relax! I have read your post the other day, but I wanted to take the time to give my opinion about this whole Snapchat thing. I do agree, Snapchat is a platform where people are able to get out of their comfort zones. They can share their daily lifestyle or whatever they like. And I agree, this is a great tool for brands to promote their product as well. And even if you aren’t interested in those, you will get more or less affected by them since ”everyone” is talking about it. I mean, seeing some great bloggers attending an amazing party, will make me feel like: gosh, I wish I could go to this place too! I’m not saying this in a negative way, but I guess that’s just a part of the marketing plan. Anyway, what I’d like to do on Snapchat is sharing my stories with my friends and family. I don’t see them often since we all have a crazy life, but Snapchat is helping us to stay connected. I don’t share too much. My stories might not be interesting since I’m a small potato, I don’t go to fashion/ events, I don’t buy designer clothes/bags every single day, I don’t travel much, I don’t go to fancy brunches with fellow bloggers. I’m pretty boring and sometimes I even wonder why the hack my friends & family would like to see what I’m doing since every day is pretty much the same hahahaha :p But I guess this is just what they want to see, the boring me:)

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