Monday Motivation: Get Organised


Old school or whatever, this girl loves calendars. I always have, and each school semester I started my back-to-school shopping with getting a new calendar. Its something about opening a new book, even if its a calendar, writing you’re name in it in case you’ll ever loose it – yeah I get a little nostalgic about calendars.

Although I’m not going back to school, august kicked in with full force from day one and I had been looking for a calendar for a longer time than expected. Mainly because I didn’t find what I was looking for. What I love about this one is (not only the pink shades) how easy and aesthetically they’ve organised each week so you get a good overview on upcoming days and projects.

I love to have a clear visual of what my week contains, which is why I like to take Monday morning for a calm breakfast while planning the rest of the day/week. A fresh and healthy breakfast after my morning meditation and I am good to start my day. Make sure to check by Jo & Judy’s lovely pieces here, don’t forget to let me know what you think. What are your morning habits? Do you start of your Monday in a particular way? Comment below and have a magical Monday ahead!



This post was created in collaboration with Jo & Judy

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