augusti 2016


Best Mirrored Sunglasses of the Season

Sunglasses are always a great way to complete a look, so why not make them a mini statement piece?  Regardless of the season, sunglasses are a must. Frankly, I feel naked whiteout mine just as a person who wear watched would feel naked without their...

Hair Muse Mica Arganaraz

I hope you all enjoy the changes that are taking place here day by day, the new look is a better fit to who I am and my sense of aesthetics combined with what I want to achieve here. More changes are coming, which brings us...

August: Editor’s Letter

First of August has always been a day that symbolizes the beginning of my favorite seasons, fall. As a child I was always excited for school to start, seeing all the classmates after the summer breaks, while as a grew older this particular day has become the mark of preparing for the goals I want...

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