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Wearing: Alfa Industries Bomber Jacket(here), H&M Knit (here), Startrek Legging (here), Nike Sneakers (here)



Came to think about how often my style has changes over the past years, after scrolling through Instagram I came to the conclusion that it was a few. Hair styles too, but that’s another topic. Been considering publishing a style diary seriers, would you guys like that?

At the moment I’m reliving my teenage years (apparently?!), I’ve changed jean for tights and leggings, heels for sneakers and as the cherry on the top; Alfa Industries bomber jacket – I’m getting a little nostalgic again. Or as this sweetheart say, every day joy!


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  • november 29, 2016

    Hi Sara! I’m back and I hope all is well with you! I took a long social media break in order to clear my mind! Missed your posts and your beautiful looks! Love the colour of the bomber jacket, it suits your hair colour so well! And in answer to your question: YES, I would LOVE to see your style diaries series!! I’m still your number one fan hahahaha! Need I say more? :p Have a lovely day! xo, Vivian (formerly known as

    • december 5, 2016

      Vivian! I’ve been thinking about, missed you comments here and insightful words.

      Thank you for you kind loving comments. Glad you like the idea of creating a style diary, hahahah! You’re my favourite fan sweeite! <3 A social media break sounds healthy, hope you're back in business with loads of energy and new inspiration. You've been missed.


      • december 6, 2016

        Thanks Sara! So glad to receive a reply from you! That’s why I love your work so much! :) You’re always coming up with great ideas! Yes, a social media break helped me a lot especially when I felt nauseous during the first trimester of my pregnancy..that was pretty awful. Anyway, glad I survived :)

        • december 6, 2016

          First and foremost, CONGRATULATION! So happy for you, when are you due?

          Trust me, the feeling is mutual. As mentioned before, really been thinking of you and missed your insightful comments and support. Oh gosh I cant even imagine, happy you’re feeling better.


          • december 6, 2016

            Hi Sara and thanks for your reply! Awww that’s so sweet! Your comment really made my day :) I’m due April 5, 2017..I’m 6 months pregnant:)

  • viktoria
    november 29, 2016

    So in love with the new style of your photos

    • december 5, 2016

      Thank you so much! Means a great deal :) xx

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