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When conversations about aging pops up several have mentioned that they aren’t looking forward getting older, I used to be one of them until a few years ago. Nor am I eager to re-live those teenage days. All my life, I’ve had a sense of not belonging, which made me not feel at home for various reasons, the constant persecution to be like everyone else created inner conflicts. Fit in, look like the rest, dress like the rest, maybe you have similar experiences?

Today, when I look in the back-mirror I can feel some sort of melancholy for suppressing myself. Sure I was a shy kid, although other have mostly perceived me as bold but I look at it from a different view. Maybe my interest for fashion has played a essential part in this, I’ve been receiving questions in regards to find ones personal style which goes hand in hand with having some awareness about thyself. A personal should reflect you as a person and I felt I was looking more like everyone else instead of preserving what it me and my expressions.

However, this story isn’t about the journey of personal style but instead that gnawing sense of not being like everyone else. Not being normal? What is normal? You know what, it’s irrelevant what normal is, that’s my conclusion. You are you, and you should celebrate who you are and what makes you special. So let me ask you this, would you rather be special or normal? Because you are special and it would be such a waste to hold yourself back because the fear of what others might think.

As for the second advantage of aging, after truing 30 years three years ago I’ve finally got what Oprah meant when saying that one cares less of other people’s opinion as you grow older. What matters is your own opinion of you. You’re going live with yourself, for the rest of your life and it is the most important relationship we have to work on.  It is a job, life has a tenendy of dragging you on various journeys, its always wise to stop and check yourself.

You know what, normal isn’t something for me. I’m not like the rest and I have no interest in being normal either. I want to be me, all the way in and all the way out.


Ph: Chrystelle Eriksberger, edited by me

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  • viktoria
    december 12, 2016

    You look incredible dear!

  • december 15, 2016

    Such wise, inspiring words! I can totally relate to what you have said, Sara! Yes, I also believe there is no such a thing as ‘how to be a normal person’. Everyone is unique and that’s what makes a person special. I was also very shy at young age, but I think that’s what it makes me ‘me’. It’s important to stay true to yourself :) Love your outfit here, my hubby got me a pair of Timberland boots, but I’m not sure if they suit me.. I’ve only worn it a couple of times hahaha :p

    • december 17, 2016

      Bless your heart! I absolutely agree with you.
      I love my Timb’s, super comfy and keeps you warm. Give them a try, a tight pair of jeans and a cosy knit and you’re good to go ;) I’m sure you’re gonna slay in them ;) xx

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