Attention, Couture Clean-up in Aisle 6!




Wearing: Adidas Originals Crop Top (here), H&M Pants (here), Fishnet Tights (here), Timerland Boots (here)


The neon lights, the clunky shopping carts, the screaming kids—few would contest the fact that supermarkets are just about the least hottest places on earth, but I have always taken pleasure in loosing track of time in a supermarket. If you ever catch my friend and I in a supermarket store, you’re more likely see us playing a impromptu musical between the aisle. Whether it was the grocery stores in the US or here in Sweden, something silly and fun happened the majority of times.


Grocery stores can be like a gym in January, do you take guilty pleasure in looking at other peoples cart? Well I do, free inspiration is everywhere and especially appreciated when lacking food inspo. December is the time of a year when I usually lack inspiration, this year has been different. The inspiration has been there to some point, but the motivation to push it through hasn’t been as high. This time, I wanted to build up enough inspiration for you so I could introduce something different in 2017. Please read the subtitle with irony, although Karl did introduce the actual haut-cuture supermarket a few seasons ago at Grand Palaise.


I’m wearing everything but couture, just s few of my favourite pieces from various brands. Street is the new couture, 2016 made sure of it, just ask Vetement. Hope this inspires you to wear something extra awesome next time you’re picking up some groceries.




Photos: Chrystelle Eriksberger | Edited by me

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  • januari 3, 2017

    Very creative content and your outfit rocks. Nice to find your blog. I’m following you in Instagram.

    • januari 9, 2017

      Thank you so much Mercy! Glad you found me, and that you enjoy the content :) Have a nice week ahead.

  • januari 12, 2017

    Wow what a fun setting! I never thought of taking photos at a grocery store, but this is absolutely awesome! I’m loving your outfit from head to toe. Nicely done :)

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