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sara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hairsara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hair sara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hair sara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hair


I’ve always known that I have a special relationship to clothes, some people just use them to not walk around naked whereas others like me can’t imagine how their life would look whiteout it. A major shift occurred last spring/summer when I changed my perspective from picking what I liked to picking what made me happy.


One could think its the same thing but if you truly think about it, you see that it differs a lot. When a close friend of mine mentioned a new home organizing technique, I found it very similar to my philosophy. Keep whatever makes you genuinely happy, the rest goes.


Lately, I’ve been thinking how the change of perspective has changed me and the changes I’ve seen in others. For instance, wearing clothes that makes you happy will help you radiate more positive energy. You know I’m a big advocate for taking responsibility for the energy that you bring. Same goes for the rest of your life, no matter what you do – what’s the purpose of it if it doesn’t bring you or those around you joy.


Here’s how I see it, you can never loose if you start from a place where you actively choose happiness. Whether it’s your job, the people you surround yourself with or things that you do throughout your day. Whenever you’re acting from a place of joy, you will notice the changes within and also around you. That’s a promise. You can always try, there’s nothing to loose and everything to win





Photos Chrystelle Eriksberger | Edited by me


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  • januari 12, 2017

    Cheers to a brand new year, Sara! :) Not sure whether you have received my reply, but I’d like to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Yours really made me smile :) I love visiting your blog because of your wise words and this post is so inspiring! I also agree that you will be more happy when you choose clothes that actually make you feel happy. It sure gives you some positive energy and I believe people will see that too :) xo, Vivian

  • februari 8, 2017

    Så snygg outfit, gillar hur du matchar plaggen!!

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