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These past months, I’ve taken a much slower pace with keeping up with publishing new posts. It’s been a time for closure, reflection, contemplation and new perspectives. That being said, it may appear as I’ve been missing in action meanwhile I’ve really just trying to figure out what the next steps.


One of those aspects does evolve this space, with all the radical changes and events around the world I have felt I’ve needed to take a step back and check myself as a blogger. This can be narrowed down into so many categories but in times like these, where one of the worlds most powerful countries is president is in the becoming of a dictator ­– we find ourselves more in need of people who talk about the love for something and in need of light and love.


When a conversation is held from place of love and creativity, that’s the kind of stories you get intrigued with and want to read more. Nor do I feel I do want to encourage consumption, and yes I probably have some companies looking at this thinking what is this girl writing. But I’ve never been about encouraging others to mass-consume,and if you have been reading by blog long enough you surly understand why I don’t feel I need to back up – and if you don’t get it, you haven’t been tagging along enough  (haha!).





We’re imbalanced and so is the world. We have not taken care of our planet and the change is inventible, that’s why I also believe it’s important as influencer to actually be aware what you are about because there are so many people out there doing things just for the sake of the attention. The concept of attention has become so absurd so you can littarly become a millionaire if you create a big buzz (Kim K, this one is for you). And on the other hand we have teachers who’s work actually make a difference ­­– yet doesn’t get paid enough. Yes, the balance is off, which it so important we need to be responsible for the energy that we bring whether its your conversations or what you’re sharing on social media.


Over the years, I’ve shared some private emotions and fears here on the blog. Never did I think the concept of sharing could actually connect people from around the world like this. What I’ve learned is that you never know how many people you’re actually helping by sharing your experiences, and through sharing learned that we are actually pretty much the same, we people feel the same and experience the same. So if one actually can make a difference, why aren’t we having meaningful conversations? What stories are we really telling?


What I can conclude is this, things are changing a rapid pace and I’ve never been about following the stream. We need new ways to find new ways of being, on the small and large aspects of life, right? Have you asked yourself what way you’re headed?



Photos by Tahira Music | Edited by me

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