Sthlm Fashion Week Highlights


At Whyred  presentation with Payzee Mahmod & Andreas Wijk


Conclusion of last weeks SFW: yes, there was a lot of same old same. But the purpose of this post is not to bore you with lame strategies for the show’s, but to actually celebrate what was good. So let’s take closer look at the highlights.






– Space by RMH


Fashion week’s most important event, from the designers to the conversations that took place to one sick show by Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston. I cant stress the importance of the event, the fact that it was open for everybody and the conversations that took place on stage sparked a lot of inspiration and perspectives. My friends and I were unanimous, all of us wish we heard those words when we were in fashion school, but having two inspiring creatives sharing their journey and the fact that they too are still figuring it out, but are willing to share whatever they have learned along the way deserves acknowledgement and respect. Most of all, thank you RMH for organizing this event. Not only did the Swedish fashion scene need to see something different but it also helps us to grow our community stronger and raise awareness.







I just love when a player who’s been in the game for some time throws a show and leaves you surprised, yet you see all the nuances there. Obvious, genius, cant-wait-for-fall to get into those jumpsuits. Secondly, the diversity amongst the models on the runway was a delight. There was not only one sort of representation (e.i. skinny white model), happy to see at least some of the bigger Swedish designers acknowledging this when casting.  The collection has been inspired by Aniara, a sciencection poem written by the Swedish Nobel Prize laureate Harry Martinson in 1956 about a spaceship of the same name





Ida Klamborn

Color-parade of power pussy’s, what’s not love about that. Anticipations always run high when it comes to Ida, but that’s simply because I respect her for her standpoints as well as her way of doing it. If that wasn’t enough, the power pussy representations ran high with girls like Kakan Hermansson and  Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm. Yas!





Stand x Adidas


When a new player does a designer collaboration with one of your all time favourite brands, you jump out of joy. Well that’s at least what I did.  Stand has been well known for it’s beautiful faux fur, personally, I believe it more then necessary to not only acknowledge when a designer creates a beautiful collection but also takes responsibility for its work by not compromising animals life.




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