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sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-pink-faux-fur-coat-nike-air-af1-sf-curly-hair-persian-acne-studios-sunglasses-gold-looney-tunes-bag- sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-pink-faux-fur-coat-nike-air-af1-sf-curly-hair-persian-acne-studios-sunglasses-gold-looney-tunes-bag-sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-pink-faux-fur-coat-nike-air-af1-sf-curly-hair-persian-acne-studios-sunglasses-gold-looney-tunes-bag-

Wearing: Zara Coat, Weekday hoodie (here), H&M mesh top (here), Fila tights (here), Nike sneakers (here), Zara bag, Acne Studios sunglasses (here)



Second day of SFW, and the sun blessed us with its presence. However, it’s Sweden which means that you know layering is a must. This year, I’ve made comfort and practicality a priority, i.e. my feet are thanking me and a happier person since I’m not freezing my tuchis off.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon last years pictures of Copenhagen Fashion Week and it really dawned on me how much has changed. Although I sported a pyjama with sneakers and a big coat I felt more liberated by how things are looking today. Maybe its because I’m at ease with my sense expression, but mostly because there is a sense of liberation in expressing. That’s what makes fashion so much fun as well as there’s so many layers to it – not literately speaking in this case, but I guess we hit a full circle, haha





I mentioned here, that cultures and traditions are a big source of inspiration for me. Generally speaking, I love to look back at different times and across boarders and find myself so intrigued with how people expressed themselves through what they are/were wearing. Both in terms of clothes but also makeup, tribes, and tattoos and their meanings – sometimes it gets so fascinating almost like a consuming feel. And fashion is a expression of a times economic, politic and sociologic construction.


Speaking of tribes, there is a word that has been growing stronger the past months. Maybe it has a lot to do with what is happening in the world and especially after recent presidential event that has shaken the world, community has never been as important as now and I can see it manifest on various levels from the fashion and music industry here in Sweden but also among people in general. It’s important to be surrounded amongst people who are likeminded, yet challenge you to be the best you can be. Who celebrate your your differences as much as your common grounds. For me, that translates into being surrounded by strong and intelligent woman who have a open view on the world and the fact that we are different is what makes us beautiful and unique.




With Tahira Music and Chrystelle Eriksberger







Photo by Rasmus Lindahl | Edited by me

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