Copenhagen, always fun but so cold this time! I thought dressing up like the Micheline woman would help, apparently I was wrong. I have no idea what I have done if it wasn’t for my baba’s old Fjällräven jacket anno c. 1980 (see Instagram).



Since comfort and practicality is a priority, I paired up my blue tent with a pink hoodie, faux leather overall, sneakers and yellow sunglasses since the sun was shining with its absence. Picture above was shot by my friend and talented street-style photographer Assef. As for now, I’m enjoying a calm weekend in Stockholm since I’m off to London next week.



Credit & adlinks: Fjällräven Jacket (here), H&M Hoodie (here), H&M Overall (here), Nike Sneakers (here), Vintage Sunglasses




Photo by Payzee Mahmod | Edited by me

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