How I’m reducing acne scars




There’s skin problems that’s a part of your teenage years, and then there akin problems than hits you in your twenties. My story is the later version, during my teens I could get a blemish here and there. No problem –  puberty, it will pass. Mine didn’t pass, as a matter of fact it turned worse. At one point the situation on my cheeks was so bad that I used to refer to a chain of mountains, or Himalaya. I used wear my hair down, mostly because I was trying to cover my cheeks and couldn’t afford products since I was a student and not have the fundings to prioritise.


Anyone who has ever suffered of acne and scaring can understand how much one self-esteem can be affected. So you can only imagine what of a burden it is to face pictures with large pores and scares. After moving back from Los Angeles, I started doing a few series of chemical peels, derma roller and even skin booster. With time my skin has improved a little bit, but with todays technologies one can reach results.





Fast-forward, I booked a consultation at Akademikliniken in Stockholm. Elin the skin therapist washed of my makeup and took a closer look at my skins situation. Not only was there a lot of scaring, large pores and also clogged ones but also a lot of redness. What I learned was that shallow blood vessels in the face, causing the redness.


After taking a closer look, Elin recommended to start with a chemical peel so the face with a clean base. The last time I had a chemical peel was over a year ago. After the chemical peel, she recommended a series of Dermapen treatments, between 4-6 times depending how the skin responds  on the treatment.


The Dermapen is a advanced fraction needle treatment that causes the skin to increase the skins collagen. The new production of natural elastic components as a Dermapen treatment helps, can be likened to the effect of fractional laser, but with shorter recovery time. The treatment method is also more profound than microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Dermapen is used to help large pores, acne scars, heightened scaring, wrinkles and fine lines as well as shallow blood vessels.




This is how Dermapen works: A Dermapen has 12 sterile disposable needles create up to 1300 micro channels in seconds in the skin. Depending on what the cause of the treatment is, the needles penetrates in tothe skin. Micro channels makes it possible both to channel down the active substances such as hyaluronic acid in the skin, and it has an inherently stimulating effect on the formation of collagen in the skin.


The treatment is done with minimal discomfort and numbing cream can be used if you wish it for more in depth treatments. The treatment itself is relatively fast and takes about 5-10 minutes per treated area. Usually require 5-6 treatments with about 4-6 weeks to achieve optimal results. Many see results after the first treatment. More lasting results will be after 3-6 treatments.




In collaboration with Akademiklinken


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