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After CFW Chrystelle and I had the pleasure of visiting Select Collection Spa here in Stockholm. At first glance, Select Collection looks like a travel agency with careful curated interior decor. However, behind the desks lies a spa – perfect when you’re in need for a little getaway without having to travel far.


Started with one hour of relaxing massage, followed by a little more relaxing in their spa are with Chrystelle before it was time for a facial. Due to my current treatments I decided to go for a facial that adds moist. Perfect during dull winter days and lack of sleep.Their treatments were amazing, especially the massage. Needless to say that it did both body and spirit well, and best of all I felt far away without having to travel far.


Select Collection carries Valmonts products, which makes them very unique due to being the only spa in Scandinavia that carries the Schweiz beauty brand. They invite you to browse over 450 hotels, resorts, cruises and luxury experiences presented on their website (here). Big thanks to Select Collection staff for taking care of us, we loved the experience and will surely be back.



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