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sara-che-åhlens-öppet-modehusOˆppet modehus - Åhléns 5sara-che-åhlens-öppet-modehus

1. & 3. Mom and I at Åhlens City Sthlm

2. Åhléns new campaign photo


Åhléns is doing it again, and I am so pleased to be a part of this! For those of you who don’t know, Åhléns has over the past year communicating a topic that I hold very close to my heart. Diversity. The last campaigns has been a fresh breath of air, fashion is for everybody – no discriminations regards of age, color, size or what society ”thinks” you should wear. I’m sorry but those are outdated ideologies and they need to go away now.


This weekend, meaning 10-11/3 between 10.00-19.00 o’clock they’re welcoming EVERYBODY to Åhléns City (Stockholm only) to be a model for a day. You will get your makeup and hair done, styled and photographed by professionals. Swedens largest fashion shoot. The they beauty of this is that they’re going to use final photos for their upcoming campaign in TV, digital billboards and digital TV channels. Yes, it’s going viral in whole country!


Who isn’t tiered of only seeing one or two types of people representation in media? I sure am, I don’t relate to a white girl with no curves and straight hair. I’m sorry, but I just don’t –  and I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with being what I stated above, absolutely not. I am happy Åhléns has realized this and are creating conversations about topics that are an actual issue, issues that should be outdated but aren’t. Fashion is for everyone, and it should be attainable wether you 18 or 58, whatever color or size – but most importantly: we need to stop passing judgment on each other.


Since a child, my mother and I loved to discuss fashion and since my mother is a creative herself, she created plenty of clothes for us while growing up. Even if our personal styles differ, but we share the same passions. Which is why we spent some quality time together at Åhléns City in Stockholm – and to get a sense of her opinion and her opinion on the variety of clothes. In three words: she loved it – especially the variety of clothes in the sport section. She just got her personal trainer license (wooppp! very proud daughter!!!) and was loving that they had a big department dedicated to sports wear fot females. Okay okay, maybe our styles don’t differ that much, hahaha!




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