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As you guys know, Chrystelle pops up here from time to time. We’re working on fun projects and there is plenty of that to come, so stay tuned! Last Thursday, where we were invited to Gina Tricot’s launch party of the music video The Way featuring Cissi Fors. The lyrics Cissi raps is about the importance of sustainable fashion with a focus on cotton and jeans production, and how it harms the environment. The video was filmed in Borås Gina Tricot HQ and the cotton fields in India, where Fors supposedly to take audience on a journey denim production. This video left so many questions and feelings of both of us that we decided to interview each other about this video in our respective blogs.

Chrystelle, what did you think about the video?


”When the PR-consult presented the video and how very environmentally friendly their production is now, my first instinct was that this will be something good and interesting to consumers. Everything changed however after watching the video. I wasent sure of what they was attempting to communicate? Are they trying to be funny? Are they attempting to communicate something of importance?  If they are trying to convey an important message, I think,  they have failed miserably, and even stepped important people’s hard work and their culture on their toes.


Gina has achieved something great by focusing on a sustainable denim production. However, when comedy gets in the mix of something so serious and political, which they have worked hard for it’s hard to take the messages they’re sending out serious. As well as get other big fashion companies to follow their environmentally friendly way serious when Gina doesn’t? Instead, you have people who work in these cotton fields acting as background prop, they are dancing and laughing behind the the white privileged woman from west while we all know that these people woeking in the fields are humans whom work make minimum to provide for their families. 


Gina Tricot is using these people in a very inappropriate way, without even being aware of it. They obviously had a generous budget in terms of production and they had a great location that inspires so much, from it’s culture and colorful country. Why not make more interesting, but yet serious content where one can actually see the production process? Where they interview the company’s large pillars, those who actually work in the cotton production and even those who sew there clothes. That would have been so much more valuable to the consumers and other fashion businesses would have been set an example for. Instead Gina choose to use these people’s hard work and their cultural heritage as props and background ambience for Cissi Fors and Gina Tricot in this video. It is a pity that the videos true message doesn’t shine through, the only thing that remained in me was this uncomfortable feeling.”




What about you, Sara? What did you think? 


“From one point of view; I understand that Gina Tricot wants to make a cool video celebrating that they’re able to produce more sustainable denim. But as a brand, a major retailer in Scandinavia who want to do an impact, the issues needs to addressed with more care and not their way.


Although Gina has historically used Caucasian women, for their campaigns and social media activations (with maybe two exceptions using two brunettes who have partly decants from other countries) – they have no problem featuring people of color when it comes to illustrate where the production is being done.


What saddens me mostly is the fact that they’ll probably wont understand the actual issues of their campaign strategy and communication. Almost as these types of “incidents” are never ending. The constant talk about the lack of consideration for one another. The lack of understanding. The lack of education. The lack of respect for other cultures and each others opinions.


The video left me me empty, I think the content was a waste.  The first thing I heard others whisper after the video was presented was “cultural appropriation”, and yes there is plenty of doses of such. From a cinema graphic point of view, the video was nicely done.


Conclusion: Gina, you can do it better. “






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