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First and foremost, I’ve been dreading this. The moment you guys get to see these scars up close and personal, especially because I have tried to hide them for the past (11) years. With makeup, with treatments, with fillers to achieve a more even skin, ugh, yeah, I’ve tired many shortcuts, I call them shortcuts because they’ve been quick fixes. But the problem with quick fixes is that the issue remains.


Today, I’m two treatments in with my Dermapen treatment at Akademikliniken. Yesterday, I met a friend that had been aboard for a couple of weeks and the first thing she remarked on, was the improvements of my skin. It made me so happy, I’ve been noticing improvements too and but the fact that others could see it as well really made me hopeful of reaching our goal.


The reason why I’m putting my skin out on blast, is to really show you all the progress. I understand that if you’ve been juggling the same issues, and trying one treatment after the other, the last thing you wanna do is to jump on a new treatment. For me, my platform is about being as transparent as I can, and if these treatment can help me, maybe it can help you as well.




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As you can see, the scaring on my left cheek (picture to the right) is worser than the right one. Please have in mind that my face is covered in makeup in these photos. As we continue, I will show you close ups on the checks without anything on them, as well as before and after pictures that I have been taking along the process.


Since I’m two treatments in with the Dermapen, here’s what I like about this treatment. Firstly, it doesn’t hurt. The numbing cream is amazing, 20-30 minutes on and the treatment is a piece of cake. You will feel some pulsation after the treatment is done, but its all natural. Remember that the treatment work in such way that its repeating itself even after you’ve finished. The redness is not as bad as a chemical peel, please have in mind that I cant usually leave my apartment for two days after a chemical peel. I’ve been scheduling my treatments on a Friday afternoon so I can go straight home. The day after, there is some signs of redness, but nothing makeup cant solve. However, you’re not suppose to wear any makeup 24 hours after the treatment. Thirdly, I really enjoy that the treatment doesn’t require much time. I like time efficiency, and this require little time. Lastly, not only do I have big scars, but also visible pores which are also getting less visible.


I next post, Im going to talk more about my current skin routine that my skin therapist Elin at Akademikliniken recommended me, since I have been using them over a couple of moths now I’m going to do a review. If you want me to highlight anything in particular, please don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email. I hope you found this helpful.




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  • mars 17, 2017

    I know what you mean and I’m glad to hear you’re satisfied with the treatments! On the other hand, I don’t think it’s that bad. I mean, I think everyone has something they would like to hide from others, including myself. Nobody’s perfect and I do think scars or other features tell a story which makes a person unique :) In this case, by showing your scars, you make yourself a even more beautiful person :) Love you Sara! xo

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