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Last Sunday, we had a beautiful full moon. A powerful one to say the least, so I decided to stay home and just allow myself to rest and restore my energy levels. After a week of working 6 out of 7, I would also call it a nessacity. So what about full moons? Some may having trouble getting a solid good nigh sleep, others may feel some heaviness in their body and/or head, and some might feel emotions bubbling up to the surface. If you do, don’t worry about it because a lot f us do. And yes, some don’t feel a squat – which is all good as well.


So what to do when the moons goes in full force? I wind down, even cancel all my plans if I feel it’s a necessity, I take extra care of myself and only do things I truly enjoy doing in that moment. Everything from reading, watching a TV-show or even painting. That also includes talking a 2 hour walk after a meditation, I love to get grounded by talking a walk somewhere close to the water. Water is also great for cleansing the aura, think about it next time your close to a sea, river or ocean. Notice if you feel a difference, almost a sense of lightness. And of course, I love to walk and soak in that full moon energy.


I’ve finally found a group on Facebook, called AstroGäris, a Swedish group for women focusing on alternative paths. You don’t have to a hard core practitioner, or have any skills, a curiosity is more than enough and usually what embarks the journey within. So if there’s little curious, join the group! If you don’t live in Sweden, let’s just say that people don’t talk about spirituality as openly as for instance as Los Angeles. That was one of the things that I loved about living there, people were more open to others way of perceiving life whereas here – talking about beliefs can be a taboo in some sort. It makes some uncomfortable. But we’re progressing here, slowly and surely and it’s so pleasing to see. Thankfully, technology is catching up as well which makes it easier too.


Never in my life have I spoken so openly about my spirituality, nor have I shared so publicly my morning routine, which is a 30 minute of meditation. I have for the longest longed for meeting people with more depth. The whole social media thing can be a bit draining when you’re at an event and people have a phone up in their face the majority of the time, either to take pictures of themselves or to watch their videos they’ve uploaded on repeat. Thy are also very kind to show it to you, so you have to sit and watch them with you. On repeat – interesting times to say the least.


The beautiful thing about setting new intentions, is to see them come to live. I’ve been looking to join a meditation group for some time and finally found the right one, since the teaching of it can only passed down by a certified teacher, it’s not so common to encounter people who have actual insights about it. But guess what, I did, and I am so grateful for being open in that moment because she gave me new insights about this technique and the course I’m about to take. In addition, I think I made a new friend with that sense of depth that I have been hoping to meet.




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  • mars 17, 2017

    Hi Sara, I hope you’re well! I’m so sorry for being inactive lately..things are getting really busy here…We had our doctor’s appointment this morning and she said our baby boy can come at anytime from now until week 40! To be honest, we are excited but nervous at the same time..When it comes to giving birth..it scares the hell out of me..I’m such a coward when it comes to this. My pain levels are rather poor and sometimes I’m wondering why on earth I wanted to get pregnant in the first place :P But there’s no turning back now, so I have to deal with THE pain anyway. Hopefully it will be a healthy delivery! Anyway, enough about me. I also saw the full moon and it was breathtaking! I was so happy to be able to see it with my own eyes as it created that rustic feel.. I love that your morning routine consists of a 30 min meditation! I think it’s a great way to start off your day! I also start my day with a few mobility exercises along with some breathing techniques and it really helps as I do have some lower back pain in the morning because I’m carrying my own ‘kettle bell’ every single day…

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