Back to basics


Credit & adlink: Top (here) – Jeans (here) – Sneakers (here) – Bag (here) – Sunglasses (here)


I must admit that was really impressed by my packing, remember that I mentioned that I was freaking out about packing only a handbang for my trip to Milan? Well, I did it and the best conclusion I could make was to stick with what I know – e.i. basics.


My kinda basics translates to a t-shirt, jeans and white sneakers. A white tee can be too basic, so I went for one of my favourites designer. Commes des Garcon, never fails. regardless of the circumstances, it’s a go-to piece for most scenarios. Alhough I’m a denim girl, I’ve been on a jeans-break. Well, untill I got my hands on these jeans. I love the fit and comfort. The downside with high-waited jeans can be the backside, the bum. But not in these, flattering! I’d love to have them in other colors and different washes.




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  • mars 28, 2017

    Super cool and sporty combo, you are looking great as always, true to your style! :)

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