Yoko Was The Best Beatle

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New week and new set of energy! Hope you all are having a peaceful and joyous Easter weekend and spending it your loved ones. My weekend has consisted of work per usual and spending time with friends, a good mix of  both pleasure and business. However, over the past weeks I have become more aware of my way of working and after watching Chef’s Table on Netflix featuring the buddhist nun Jeong Kwan I found myself so moved and inspired by her way of creating food and her intention in the process. I wish everyone of you could watch it, because regardless what you think of the buddism way of living I am sure that you will gain many insights that can helpful to you.


This episode really made an impact, thus I wanted to start sharing what my intentions for each week is and end it with a recap of how it went down. How does that sound? Also, I’ve been sharing my morning meditation with you on Insta-stories and last week if any of you where interested in using the guided meditations that I use every morning. It made so happy to that there are so many of you who actually want to learn more. I’m still learning, as I believe we all keep doing to our last day but what is important is that we also share these tools and techniques.


For this week, I want to be mindful about my intention for life. From everything from work, to what I put in my body to the products I use it on my body. It’s about breaking the small things down, and being honest with yourself. And if you know in your heart that it isn’t truly good for you, meaning both body and spirit then ask yourself why. I believe this is an extension in raising your selflove. Because at the end of it, when you break everything down it comes down to just that. Love. That being said, I’m not saying this week will be a week of radical changes (although this Scorpio is all about that) but more adapting a way of perceiving life that truly aligns with who I am. That does include reducing amounts of candy for me, but that’s because I really want to take better care of my body. I will share more about my new journey with kinesiology soon, it’s been mind blowing in so many ways.


Lastly, in May it would have been a full year without heels. Nooo joke. But these fluffly embellished heels just had me do an exception. What do you think of them? I hope you’re off to a beautiful start on this new week and that you set beautiful intentions for yourself and those around you. Talk soon my sweet Easter bunnies!



Photos by Chrystelle Eriksberger  Edited by me

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  • april 17, 2017

    Great idea and motivation for this week! I could actually try to do something similar for myself too.
    I like your outfit very much, your jacket and shoes are fantastic!


  • april 20, 2017

    I saw these slip-on heels on your IG and I absolutely adore them! Love the texture and the colour! Your layered outfit is so powerful! Love your positive mindset and the way how you want to incorporate into your life too! Good vibes only :) xo

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