sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hairsara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair  sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair

Credit & adlinks: T-shirt (here) – Pants (here) – Bag (here) – Sunglasses (here) – Similar Shoe (here)


If I’d were to wear one look for the rest of the season then this would paint the picture. Simple yet a lot going on, very me in other words. The t-shirt is very dear to me, much because of I’m always reminded of meeting Leila here in Stockholm and how much she inspired me. It’s amazing to meet creative Persian woman in this industry and I have deep respect for Leila as a person as well as a designer and business woman. She incorporates Persian prints and patterns into a modern design, which I love! It makes me nostalgic and very happy. She’s force to be reckoned!


That being said, this I am jungle does speak to me. Let’s not get into to animal prints, a bit hard since I’m wearing zebra printed pants. I love the orange detail on the side. Love a pop of color. Speaking of, how about this cute little bag? It’s from a Italian brand Twin-set that I’ve recently discovered. It’s actually the same link as this (link) outfit! Love how little it is yet the material and quality is strong. Eager to learn more about them as a brand.


If you’re mostly into black or brown sunglasses, give yourself a try and go for yellow. Not only does your sunglass collection need another pair of brown or black sunglasses, but instead maybe something different. It’s retro, it’s fun and trust me the yellow light does something to how you perceive things. Just pay a little attention, colours do a lot just that we’re not always aware to the extend of it.




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  • april 18, 2017

    You are looking so cool in this vibrant and sporty outfit! Love your pants Sara!


  • april 20, 2017

    What a colourful post! I totally agree with you! Colours do a lot to people, they can brighten up one’s day! However, I never thought of purchasing a pair of yellow sunglasses as I’m – as you said -, one of those black/brown sunglasses persons. I should incoporate more colours into my wardrobe hehe :) Love your outfit btw, it goes so well with your hair! This look screams happy thoughts, happy spring! :) xo

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