Exception to the rule


April fools, well that’s at least how I feel every time I look outside and its snowing. In April. The New Yorkers are strutting around the city with shorts and please don’t let me get started on the south of Europe. But Sweden, we are not so blessed with the benefits on global warming. Instead, the ice age is doing a comeback. Luckily, I’m off to Athens in a few weeks which makes the Swedish blaha of a spring feel more beareble.


On a more positive note, I’m headed to the west side of the country with some of my ladies from Colin and of course, partner and main squeeze Chrystelle. More about that soon, or follow along on Insta-stoies if you cant hold your pants. Speaking of Gothenburg, this year will be the first time Sweden arranges a Swedish Mens Fashion Week. There’s so many layers to discuss here, and we will shortly. Everything will make sense very soon.


In the meantime, I’m always drawn between all my kind of different feels and went for a short sleeved hoodie under a mesh dress. These Puma sneakers are my Ninja shoes, I feel like a Ninja in them. I also look like a Ninja in them, and I definitely feel like a Ninja while walking in them. And those who really know me, knows very well that I have thing with black shoes and usually wear white or coloured. rarely black. Long story, but these shoes. They’re the exception to the rule.



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  • april 20, 2017

    Saraaa!! Finally got time to read your blog while Aiden sleeps! I’ve missed you and your posts! Happy to hear you are doing well! And how exciting that you are going to Athens in a few weeks! I’ve never been there before, but my colleague goes to Athens almost every year. Would love to visit this place too! Your ninja kicks look indeed ninja-ish and I can imagine how comfortable they are :)

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